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Fallen From The Sky - December lyrics

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December by Fallen From The Sky

She said "I'm leaving you forever." and I know that she'll be coming home in late December. She said "I'm leaving you today, and this will be the last time you ever get to see my face again."
There was a time when I thought I knew you. I still remember looking you in the eyes. Our shadows side by side, wish you were here tonight as I prepare for your care to drown.
Your over the edge now and I'm taking my step down. I never wanted it to be like this. I'm holding my breath now. So figure it out. I'm lost without you.
Over and over you were lying to me. I never saw it coming. I gotta tell you that I barely believed that you and I really ever had something.
And I know that we are playing the same stupid games, and I know that every promise you make you break.

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