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Ezzy - Ezzy lyrics

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Ezzy by Ezzy

[Intro: Ezzy]
Uh, Yeah
La-La La-La
La La La La-Ah!
That's lightweight hard ain't it?
La-La La-La
La La La La!
Aye! I'mma start singin'
Yeah I love you, momma!
Yeah! Aye! Yeah!
[Verse 1: Ezzy]
I wish
You could see the hustle
In my fathers' eyes
And you could hear the struggle
In my momma's cries
It got the kid traumatized
This ain't dramatized
I'mma meet my maker
I'mma make 'em apologize, hey!
I'm 'bout to blow
My bomb alarm is almost out of time
Ramen noodles all the time
I'm feeling like it's Ramadan
I'm starving Dram'
I'm racing to this money
I be paranoid
Cause I ain't tryna come in at a tie
For the dollar signs, hey
My family's broke
And I still be coppin' a ton of Bape, hey
Got my closet looking like
A planet of the apes, hey
Ain't it illegal that I'm buzzing
While I'm under age
Every beat is catching fire
Homie, this the hunger games, hey
I ain't like them other slaves
Boy I love the chains, hey
I'mma need 100k
For me to runaway
And me and rap, we're going on a date
I gotta wife her
I just might propose
On live television at the cypher!
[Bridge: Ezzy]
Who knows?
Right hand on the Bible
I do
Promise to take you as my wife, yeah, aye
Until the most high takes my life, hey, aye, yeah, yeah
And guarantee that I'mma treat you right
Unlike anybody ever has, yeah, aye
I do!

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