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Exhumator - Euthanasia lyrics

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Euthanasia by Exhumator

Death is the easiest in life
Life is the most difficult
But life on earth is hell
If you are forgotten shared out
Physical defection deprives you of being
Of being of full value.
It humiliates and breaks the mind
Into multitude of fragments depriving by this
The unbroken one and turning into half
Avoiding the light you're hail
The darkness killing the remains of those
What is impossible to doubt.
He who lives for darkness is dangerous
In light not releasing this
Believe to understand you are sentenced for life
There is no necessity to believe in hell
Which is denied by our reason.
Believe in heaven
For which our souls needing
But this thought invariable
Persecutes us insisting to think about fearful
For most of us death is tragic inevitability,
Distress, eternal cold and darkness.
But look around and fall to think
How many people needs to die in order
To calm down into unbeing
In other world in other state

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