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Excellion - Steps lyrics

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Steps by Excellion

Look through the window
And take a momenth to breath
The words in the air
Are trying to explain
That the shadow and the light
Won't unite until you decide
It won't be this day
It won't be this way...
(And with no choice left, I will take a
Breath and leave all those memories under
The water...)
(Why do you have to leave now? I am not ready
For this burden, I am not ready for this. This
Is just a dream, This is not the end)
(Finally the truth, this is the moment
I've been waiting for, you thought I was
Drowned... dead, but everything will change
From now on)
(I don't know who you are anymore, I just
Don't know who you are! )
(I know the dark darkens your sun
And in the dark everyone loses control
That demons from yesterday demand their
Way today, don't be afraid, this is your life...
Live! )
There was a time you had my heart
And the days never ended
This is the reason why I've been absent
For too long
There was a time you had my heart
And it's time for me to move on
There is no turning back cause
This is who you are... this is who you are... now
This is who you are now...

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