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Eve - Argument (skit) lyrics

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Argument (skit) by Eve

(phone rings)
Boyfriend: Pick it up, pick it up
Eve: Relax, dawg. (Hello?, Hello?)
Boyfriend: Pick it up, you don抰 be picking up the phone when I抦 around lately
when I抦 around all the time lately and all that sh*t, man. sh*t going to your
head and all that- don抰 forget where the f**k you came from.
Eve: Yeah, nigga and not from you, relax.
Boyfriend: You know what?
Eve: (sighs)What?
Boyfriend: e gonna have to talk about this later?
Eve: (Whispers) He on his period, yo. ( Huh, nah, I抦a hit you back, I抦a hit you
back, I抦a hit you right back. Aight, yeah )
Boyfriend: What you say, what you say, what you say? Who that you talking all
crazy on the phone to- who was that?
Eve: Oh my god! Why is you trippin? Damn we go through this every f**king night!
Boyfriend: What do you mean æºvery nightyou don抰 pick up the phone sometimes,
you hiding and sh*t. Who was that on the phone?
Eve: Dawg, I抦 a busy woman!
Boyfriend: You æ³ busy ever since you can back from California you all
Hollywood and sh*t, Diva sh*t and all that. Every time I gotta go through all
of this with you! You ain抰 been acting like that!
Eve: Nigga is you for real? No that抯 you! You acting like a girl, dawg. Why is
you acting like a broad?
Boyfriend: Hold on, hold onå�irst of all, watch your mouth.
Eve: What?
Boyfriend: Talking all crazy and everything like I抦 actingnigga give you a
little extra attention, you start acting like a nigga stressing you and all
that too much.
Eve: You know what? Keep your attention, dawg...please! I get enough attention.
Boyfriend: Oh, keep my attention? See all that sh*t
Eve: Yeah! And in a matter of fact- Roll out!
Boyfriend: Roll out?
Eve: Yeah!
Boyfriend: Well, f**k it匢抦 rolling then!

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