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Epicurean - Prophetic Damnation lyrics

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Prophetic Damnation by Epicurean

A putrid scent of desolation and chaos
Disrupts my journey for supremacy
The path I have wandered appears so far away
From my forthcoming ecstasy
The dawn of a new age transcends
Furiously into the night
As a warrior destined to dream in the
Rage from the angels that cower in moonlight
A lonely Knight
Crossing the lands
The fate of his world
Will rest in their hands
Temptation comes
Love is disguised
The world shall burn
With the lust in his eyes
I plea not to drain elegance from my power
Searching for immortality
A shadow of doubt never lies while
Aspiring to revel in victory
My soul ascends further as time marches
Into oblique sanctity
The world shall suffer a grand revelation
As my spirit strives for certainty
At dawn my rage
Finds a new life
I am the One
Besieged by the lies
For all that's known
And all that dwells
Inhuman persona
Blinded by hell
The clerics of truth have withered away
The signs were ignored that foretold of this day
The victor of solitude ventured through time
A journey soon ending now feels so sublime
The night hath arose brings a vision (of) collecting the dead
Eternal visions of this night shall run through their heads
Petrified people, their gods hate him all for his acts
The master of time has now ended his unholy pact
A fiery mountain is dropped from the sky
A third moon reflects on all who have died
The tempest is sinking deep into the sea
An exquisite relic of his tragedy

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