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End Zone - Ulterior Solitude lyrics

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Ulterior Solitude by End Zone

Tender silence fascinates
And lead the one who hates
Unto a realm of dreams-
Debris of a once grand,
Magnificent shrine
And when the dusk descends
The sight will turn divine
Semislumber less of pain
Heed and learn, Morpheus Domain
Up to highness, down to deeps
Now envy him who sleeps,
Insomnia slaves!
A lavish sopor- vast scape,
Ulterior solitude,
Imaginary drape
Desireful plenitude
Utmost fields,
Paths concealed,
The pageantry reachless to logic
Slight echoes of breathing dying in the air
Through mist enwreathing
Oddly coming scenes:
Joy and fright,
Godly and obscene-
Inner human flight
Nightly theatrical visions:
True revelation or hoax?
Knowledge to fade at dawn?
Lies of someone to coax?
Floating as the daylight creeps
From out of spooky trips,
From out of dream
Mournful is the way back,
Mournful but quick
To where the regnant rack
Is odious and sick

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