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End Zone - The Vortex Of Reality lyrics

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The Vortex Of Reality by End Zone

Have been
Forged together
To reign supreme
In realms unseen-
Brought alive
Inside my mind
Into never...
Nothing at all
I made up inside my self the ideal
That I failed to find among what is real
It was coming true just as I closed my eyes
My imaginary earth, sun and skies-
All this I wanted to share
With anyone anywhere
I was so alone...
Vacuum stream
Unbound! -
I found
Fancy border
The final rub
I opened up...
All the reveries I had held so dear,
Sweet delusions I had bred, without fear
I gave to the vortex of reality,
Gave it all away for all and for me-
I was unable to see...
Suddenly it was too late
I saw the end...
The real sun burnt my unreal land and seas
My unreal skies
And the real frost
Perished all that needed sun
The real people razed
My unreal eden
Though they all had their own
They trampled mine...
The unreal fragments of
My lost world scattered inside
Caused the real pain

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