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Endthisday - Behind A Veil Of Tears lyrics

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Behind A Veil Of Tears by Endthisday

Carving your cryptic
Lies in my back,
A friendship gets
Torn at the seams.
The north winds blow,
Turning summer's rains
Into December's ice.
Like the two seasons,
You changed to what she wanted,
What he wanted.
Your face washed away
With every choice you made,
The bridge starts to burn and
The embers embrace your soiled
Desires. Reaching for your
Hand as the water fills your lungs.
I tried to pull you to the
Shore but you just turned away.
Swimming towards the sirens,
You couldn't refuse their soft voices.
Now faced with nothing left,
You sink to the ocean's floor.
May death come quick and grant
Me a blackened salvation.
Serpents slither under your
Skin injecting venom into your veins,
Your pulse begins to weaken.
Can you live with your self?
I stand here staring at what
Remains of your life.
This hopeless feeling is overwhelming.
Nothing can ever be the same.
Nothing will ever be the same.
The chapter ends with
Nothing but deceit.
You no longer exist to me.

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