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End Of An Era - Comfort In The Skin lyrics

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Comfort In The Skin by End Of An Era

Living for future set on the past
This scene has been dead and this day is our last
Her dream was to change everyone that she knows
I've bled for her scene and now I am all alone
You've got to fight the odds and take it in
Hate everyone that comes within
Whether it's corrupt or innocent
I can't find no comfort in any skin
You're one step closer to reaching the end
Of the line that's drawn through these institutions
Because you look so good when you sell your sins
And you buy the comfort within the skin
Paranoid complex drugs in her brain
Round and in circles but staying the same
She sees herself in such a manic depression
She cuts herself because she needs the attention
We've got to hide and please and spread disease
Like a wildfire burning bridges and trees
Because the one you wronged clips the wings off

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