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Eminem - Trump Isnt Real lyrics

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Trump Isnt Real by Eminem

(Intro: eminem)
Alright, listen here, global warming is my fear
I really really really really hate the f**king queers
They call me dr. Eminem cause i check that pussy
Fingering it until it gets really really mushy
(verse 1: eminem)
I made a new discovery; you are a faggot
You ain’t seemin lucky, i’mma call ya b-rabbit
f**k donald trump, white like baby powder
Im takin a shower while your dick is gettin downer
Donald f**kin drump, is your middle name johnson?
Put you in a wheelchair like your ass is joe swanson
This b**ch is f**kin slump, a nigga cant jump
Youre so old that you live in a f**king tree trunk
b**ch don’t talk to me when you got no f**kin racks
0 on top of 0, no titties, and no tracks
Call me eminem cause im f**kin on yo b**ch
Call this f**k your dad except he aint a snitch
What you gonna do drump, call up yo allies
Got alot of boogers can you open up your nig eyes
Trump thinks he’s the sh*t? You live in a white house
But when i take a f**kin sh*t it’ll be the brown house
You will drip like retro, that stupid chicken eater
You’re the f**king president, well i am your f**king leader
I will eat on yo ass like chips
b**ch you got a small ass dick
Needa compensate cause u dont got a b**ch
But we all know that you are just lackin some tits
Come on here and suck on a little babies clit
Like you’re bonnie the b**ch, dumbass little sh*t
But whatever, i just dont give a sh*t
About you drump, cause you really ain’t lit
But whatever, everyone already knows i spit heat
Hey, alligator, can you hop up on this beat?
(verse 2: alligator)
I dont give a sh*t about incest, that sh*t is wincest
Think you are blessed, wishin your wife had big breasts
You’re lookin’ so orange, are you a bag of takis?
Tryna spy on us with cameras and walky talkies?!
Well, i bet you sleep with your f**king sweaty socks
‘till you’re bangin on your cock, thinkin’ its a rock
But nah, it is flaccid, your body, smells like acid
Shoot you up, kurt cobain, that b**ch was just target practice
Whats up with yo hair, you’re lookin’ like a bee
Call yourself big trump, you’re only six foot three
Ill shut down yo casinos, you dumb little-
(verse 3: eminem)
b**ch! Thinkin’ you’re top sh*t cause you fire people like a snitch
Nah, we can’t be having that sh*t, you lass!
Ding dong at the door, the rap god is here to beat your ass
You’re as good as golf as i am at f**king b**ches
Give you to nigward and he’ll throw you in lots of ditches
You’re orange, wait im colorblind, you’re actually f**king red
Like the tip of nigwards dick you’ll be bleeding out red
Your fame is growing smaller while my dick is growing bigger
Everyone knows that trump is just a stupid f**king nigge-
(eagle: caaaw)
(verse 4: abe lincoln)
Are you f**king sh*tting me with my ass up your cock
Donald f**king trump really thinks he’s hard like diamond blocks
I’ve heard more thoughtful tweets from f**king chris chan
Shut the f**k up with your sh*t you sound like four chan
I’m so sick and tired of taking constipated sh*ts
If this is the best my party gets then my party should sh*t
(eminem: haah) i’m sorry, did i say something that you found… witty?
Wipe off that dumbass smile and touch this f**kers titties
Build a wall around your ass, here, you want a cookie?
I bet you go up to your daughters and grab them by their pussies
I’m gonna slap your asses for all of the f**king people
Your mom is equal, my rhymes are fetal, now let me f**k my eagle!

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