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Tobey Lyrics



Track Info

  • Title: Tobey
  • Artists: Eminem, Big Sean, BabyTron
  • Album: The Death of Slim Shady (Coup de Grâce)
  • Release Date: July 2, 2024
  • Producers: ​marvy ayy, John Nocito, Daniyel, Carlton McDowell, Cole Bennett, Eminem

Song History

The song "Tobey" comes as the second single from Eminem's 12th studio album, The Death of Slim Shady (Coup de Grâce). It finds him linking up with Big Sean and BabyTron, two more Detroit rappers. It gets its title from Tobey Maguire, well known for playing Spider-Man in Sam Raimi's trilogy and the 2021 Marvel Cinematic Universe film Spider-Man: No Way Home. Song by Eminem. song  video thumbnail

Annotations and Meaning

BabyTron, a Detroit rapper, refers to outer space as a place where rappers cannot be recognized. He believes that they can leave the game by dying on Venus, the 6th biggest planet in our solar system, which has a dense atmosphere composed mostly of carbon dioxide gas. Tron alludes to Princess Leia from the 1977 Star Wars film and the city of Detroit to Princess Leia. BabyTron is allergic to the color red and legally blind, meaning he cannot be stopped no matter what he sees. He raps how he is legally blind, yet all he sees is go, an intentional incongruence that further emphasizes his tendency to break the norm. He compares riding with Draco, a semi-automatic pistol, to smoking weed in Tennessee and Ohio, states between Michigan and Georgia. BabyTron's pronunciation of Drac' is similar to Drake, who was born in Toronto. In a feature with J. Cole, they claimed the rap throne, using the Spider-Man meme. He also compares rolling up a cigar to rolling his Tesla window, an electric car manufacturing company owned by Elon Musk. The Iron Giant, an animated film about a giant mechanical robot from outer space, is mentioned in Tron's lyrics, referencing the movie's title and the wordplay used to describe his firearm. He also references Kanye West's song Mercy, off of his album Cruel Summer, and his 2011 collab album with Jay-Z, Watch The Throne. Big Sean, a rapper and father of his son Noah, discusses the importance of enjoying simple things in life. He compares his control over his son's music to that of the Ayatollah, a title associated with high-ranking religious leaders in Iran. In "Tobey," Sean values his son's rest, which is the only thing that makes him watch his tone or turn down his merciless energy when rapping. Eminem also has a similar line on "Unaccommodating" where he compares his control and influence over the game to that of the Ayatollahs over the country and government. Cole Bennett, a music video director who worked with Eminem, Big Sean, and BabyTron, also contributed to the song. Big Sean blames rappers for their bragging and representation, but takes a side along with Cole. The song was scrapped due to time constraints and put on Eminem's album instead. The line "Keys" refers to kilograms, as in kilos of drugs like cocaine. Chord progressions are the foundation of most music songs, and "Keys" is slang for kilograms, as in drugs like cocaine. Wes Craven, a horror director, is mentioned as a verb in the song, suggesting he intends to become violent or scary. Eminem calls himself the GOAT that bit Big Sean and BabyTron, bringing the hook full circle. Eminem also says "I am" like "Om", an onomatopoeia for biting, similar to how Sean and Tron got bitten by the GOAT. "Tobey" is a track filled with pop-culture and cinematic references regarding its themes. In the chorus, Tobey was bitten by the spider. Again, this is an allusion to Tobey Maguire—this time as the protagonist of the Spider-Man saga. BabyTron takes that and spins it on its head, comically saying he got bit by a "GOAT," a common acronym in the music community for "Greatest of All Time," as if to say he's different from the rest—a special kind of beast in. This track has more loaded images and pop culture references. BabyTron compares Detroit City to Princess Leia of Star Wars, with him as Obi-Wan Kenobi. The metaphor underlines his perception of playing the savior or hero for his city. Right in the first verse, BabyTron humorously says he's allergic to red and "legally blind," meaning he sees nothing but green in front of his eyes, representing money and progress. This is a hyperbolic manner of emphasizing an uncontrollable drive and extreme ambition. Big Sean's verse is laced with some wordplays and a few self-life references; he mentions a ride in a Lamborghini Murciélago, aligning to Kanye West's track "Mercy," off the joint album with Kanye West and Jay-Z titled Watch The Throne. He also includes thoughts concerning his son Noah, reflecting on lessons learned from being a father. Eminem comes out with a highly boasting and motivational verse. He drew several comparisons to landmark buildings and comic book heroes to show how far he has come and his impact on the rap industry. Eminem speaks on being listed at the top of best rapper lists and issues clap-backs to the people who oppose this hip-hop giant.

Analysis of Themes and Lyrics

  • Self-empowerment and Superiority: The track often furthers the rappers' claims to greatness. BabyTron's metaphor of goat biting, Big Sean's comparison to Ayatollah, and Eminem's assertion as a "GOAT" can only further empower them in the rap.
  • Pop Culture References: The song carries a lot of allusions to Star Wars, Spider-Man, and other cultural icons. These allusions work toward comparison: The lives of the artists are being paralleled to those big personas from these various universes.
  • Personal Reflections: Big Sean speaks on fatherhood and personal growth; Eminem reflects on his career and legacy and reacts to praise and critique from the industry.
  • Humor and Wordplay: BabyTron's verse comes with a lot of humor and wordplay throughout it. Lines such as how he is "legally blind" to everything besides green and allergic to red just make more creative the ways he wants to be successful.

Cultural and Historical References

The song is full of enormous pop-culture references that pass across its themes:
  • Tobey Maguire and Spider-Man: The use of the re-iteration of Tobey Maguire being bit by a spider ties into transformation and being granted special, almost super-human, powers—this connects into the growth in the rapping community.
  • Star Wars: BabyTron uses Obi-Wan Kenobi as a comparison to himself and uses Princess Leia for the location to fight impossible odds as how he wants to uplift his community.
  • Detroit: Celebrating the shared roots of the rappers while underlining the influence of the city on the music and establishing the role of both as representatives of their hometown.


"Tobey" is a potent, three-pronged attack by Eminem, the powerful duo Eminem and Big Sean, featuring BabyTron. It stands with humor, relatability, and introverted contemplation between the music, swirling in whine on grungy pop-punk that pops out of the speakers. Each artist in the song gets some time in the sun and takes off running, as they make their presence felt by showing they indeed understand the culture they find themselves among and where they fit in it.

Tobey Song Lyrics

Tobey by Eminem

BabyTron & Big Sean]
sh*t, f**k, sh*t
Boy, ha

[Chorus: BabyTron]
Tobey Maguire got bit by a spider, but see, me, it was a goat
If you want space, I hope you take your helmet off soon as you get up to Venus and choke
Even while sleepin', be thinkin' so woke
White Cartiers, all I'm seein' is dope
My city Leia and I'm Obi-Wan, got a mission to pass, I just might be the hope
Tobey Maguire got bit by a spider, but see, me, it was a goat
If you want space, I hope you take your helmet off soon as you get up to Venus and choke
Even while sleepin', be thinkin' so woke
White Cartiers, all I'm seein' is dope
My city Leia and I'm Obi-Wan, got a mission to pass, I just might be the hope

[Verse 1: BabyTron]
No español, I'm allergic to rojo and legally blind, all I'm seein' is "go"
D to the A, there and back, if we ride with the Drac', can't smoke from the T to the O
Upped in the b**ch, you can keep what you owe
Granny told me, "Boy, you reap what you sow"
Do the most, we over-even the score
Said he on the run, glued his feet to the floor
Up in my Tesla, I'm rollin' up 'Ishers, I stopped at Valero, think I should quit smokin'
Life is a gamble and I'm playin' slots, pull it down, close my eyes and I pray I win tokens
All Wock', no pop, how we drive, you can come and take a baby sip, still taste that it's potent
One of one, sittin' 'round the stars, double R, finna race, hit the Wraith, like a spaceship it's floatin'
All this drip, think I am below sea level
Cut your own wrist off with that weak bezel
Ride around with the Iron Giant, make 'em eat metal
Watch unc' break a rock down to three pebbles
Bam-bam, down three, hit the grand slam
Four pockets full, fully switched, go wham-wham
Pants cramp, pull it out, I'm countin' 'til my hands cramp
Wrote "DSM" on the beach, now the sand stamped
Ayy, ayy

[Verse 2: Big Sean]
They wanna bleed me and lead me to act like they need me, but f**k it, I do it alone (Woah)
She wanna touch me and rub me and go back to hubby, he probably could smell my cologne (Damn)
I was immersed in the Murcié, I show 'em no mercy, I really was watchin' the throne (For real)
Niggas ain't turnin' me down, when my baby asleep only time that I'm watchin' my tone, look (Shh)
We don't want chips with a chip on our shoulder
If he Obi-Wan, then I gotta be Yoda
Don't need no promoter, we pull up, they know us
I'm the Ayatollah snatching your controller
I don't give a f**k about you when I'm focused
f**k all the drugs you take, I'm takin' over
I paid attention, don't need no payola
Can't take 'way from me, you just need to take cover (Frr)
I can paint a picture like I made the stencil
f**k your whole image, I'm with Cole Bennett
I don't know what the f**k they done told niggas
I put all of my heart and my soul in it
I met you in person, you so different
I can't listen to you for a whole minute
Took a blood test, ain't no ho in it
Watch your motherf**kin' mouth 'fore I go in it
They like, "No, he didn't," got 'em more invested
If it's one thing I make, I make no exceptions
I got new addresses, I got no reception
I got love and hate comin' from both directions
b**ch, I come from the D where they BMFing
Where they movin' them keys like a chord progression
b**ch, I'm omnipresent, I got no reflection
Made a livin' off bars, I need no correction (No)
Grindin' sh*t out, gotta stay patient
While you outside, we on staycation
Locked the f**k in, ain't no playin' for real 'less you playmakin'
I take the chances you hate takin'
f**k it, dog, I'ma go Wes Craven
I'm at the safe, f**k a safe haven
They play with my name and I can't take it (Lil' b**ch)

BabyTron & Eminem]
Tobey Maguire got bit by a spider, but see, me, it was a goat
If you want space, I hope you take your helmet off soon as you get up to Venus and choke
Even while sleepin', be thinkin' so woke
White Cartiers, all I'm seein' is dope (Yeah)
My city Leia and I'm Obi-Wan, got a mission to pass, I just might be the hope

[Verse 3: Eminem]
Tobey Maguire got bit by a spider, me? Must've got bit by a goat (Yeah)
I used to dream as a kid I would grow (Baa)
To be one, I hope that I inspire hope (For what?)
For you to go get what you desire most (Yeah)
Spit fire, b**ch, I was just flyin' coach (Yeah)
Y'all thought you were sick, you were misdiagnosed (Nope)
I'm dope and you'll never have this high a dose (Nope, yeah)
Now my estates in the buildin', and b**ch, I done slept on more floors than the Empire State ('Pire State) Building
I got so many stories, but I hate ceilings (Haha)
Ain't feelin' your top five favorite rappers (Woo)
So I know they 'bout to be p**sed at me (Why?)
But this, to me, is a mystery
How rappers I've already ripped could be (What?)
Higher up on a list than me (Ha)
Yet here I sit on your list though at five (Hm), which still is fine
But just know inside, to me, that sh*t's hilarious, so when I (Haha)
Get dissed though and by a pioneer
Who was one of the reasons why I am here
They tell me I should just let that sh*t go and slide (Why?)
"Melle Mel shouldn't get no reply" (Why?)
"That man is a legend," b**ch, so am I (Haha, yeah)
And anyone else who thinks it'd be wise and easy as pie
To beat me and tries, can treat me just like poison (What?), they can eat me and die (Hehe)
Middle finger stuck up, but I never conceded
When have I ever retreated? (Never) You never seen it
Every dream that I ever dreamt, I exceeded
Cement my legacy, I definitely did controversy, I always fed on, I need it
Treat it like a truck, hit it head-on, I meet it (Krrk)
I get on a beat and it's like that "Eye of the Tiger" song is playin' on my head on repeat
I been knocked down so many times, can't count (Ugh)
Sometimes, sh*t does not pan out
That's just the way that the card hand's dealt
Jon Manziel, odd man out (What?)
But heavyweight, word to Scott Van Pelt
I can't help but feel like a victim of child abuse
'Cause I am 'bout to get that goddamn belt (Now strap, man)
Way beyond crazy, Shady gone, but hey, maybe, I am the goat
That bit Sean and BabyTron, and that's why they be on the sh*t they be on, 'cause (Ugh)

Tobey Maguire got bit by a spider, but see, me, it was a goat
If you want space, I hope you take your helmet off soon as you get up to Venus and choke
Even while sleepin', be thinkin' so woke
White Cartiers, all I'm seein' is dope
My city Leia and I'm Obi-Wan, got a mission to pass, I just might be the hope

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