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Ember Swift - Not Another lyrics

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Not Another by Ember Swift

I was sitting in a sanctuary of self-removal. I was caught up in a canopy of your approval. I was wondering at the empty heart that felt so heavy but, was so light when it was full. Then I picked up a paper, turned on the news, woke from my nap of self-abuse. This is Not Another heartbreak song - I must extend the metaphor! Not Another heartbreak song - You are not what I write these for. Not Another heartbreak song - While the world fights yet another war. (This is) Not Another heartbreak song to waste on you. The truth shall set you free while truth is the driving force. All wars are just a concentration of individual tragedy. So, what have you to say for yourself? Except for, "Sorry," of course. All wars are: Tunnel Vision, justified through Religion, can't see the forest for the charred trees. They are black by popular demand, can't see the people 'cause they're on their knees bowing to the wishes of usually just one man. These are the wars of this world while these are the wars of my weenie little life; Petty personal betrayals while the world's countries call to stop the burials. So what have I to say for myself? Except for, "Forgive Me," of course. (This is) Not Another Heartbreak Song... to waste on you.

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