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Elephant - Pon De River lyrics

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Pon De River by Elephant

Yea good to go
I've seen nuff dance before(John)
But I've never seen a dance like this(Bogle)
I've seen nuff dance before( Keeva And Stacy)
But a dah one yah come top di list
Verse 1
A'right real badman nuh wear people pants
We tek dancing to a higher rank
We spen' pound, an' wi will spen franc
John have a new dance a lock Jamaica an' BronX
Pon di river pon di bank
Kick out yuh shoes because yuh foot dem nuh cramp
Inna di river pan di bank
John have a new dance a lock Jamaica An' Bronx(yeah)
Dung di flank, wi a go dung di flank
Like a balla, wi go dung di flank
Yuh Jeep pretty, an' gas inna yuh tank
Bus di new dance, yuh nuh wear people pants(Cool)
Gi dem a run John, gi dem a run, gi dem a run
We an' di girls a have fun(Bogle)
Gi dem a run, gi dem a run,
Gi dem a run wi an' di girls a have fun
Repeat Chorus
A'Right, Labba Labba sey him a get ole an caan badda
When di music hit him, him drop weed an' grabba
Bus di dance, from di river to di Bandereba
Look how di dancer dem a live together
Everybody bawl out seh what a dream team
John, Bogle, Keeva And di Dancehall Queen
Up inna di video yuh 'affi bling an' clean
Hot Mondays, seh everybody a rope een
Firelinks tek di dance an' go show Dean,
Wha yuh sey yuh luv di dance, si what a mean
Da dance yah, a lock down di housing scheme
Spanish Town, Calaloo Bed, Tivoli and Papine
Ms.Dear baby son dash weh har Dasheen
Sey da tune yah bad dat she did 'affi intavene
Watch how she a dance till har boot heel
Who caan do di dance
Repeat Chorus
Verse 3

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