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Electric President - Dotted Lines lyrics

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Dotted Lines by Electric President

My heart won't break, it's locked in a safe
There is no key, ok, ok
The windowpanes can't stop the rain
The wind outside, it sounds like trains
We're so well read
We've filled our heads with all that knowledge left for dead
But we're still cracked, we can't relax
'Cause all we've learned is nothing lasts
It's nil out there with all their stares
But we don't care, don't care, don't care
We toed the line but it broke this time
And now we've sunk to picking fights
It's sad but true that it's up to you to find the faults in what we do
I know my place
It's the same old case
It's what we've labeled saving face
There's always time to sign your name
There's always a dotted line to blame
There's always laugh tracks in my brain whenever I try to explain this
Seems everyone's an open book and they found mine and you all looked
The pages were blank, except the last one shows my middle finger
But I can't complain
I got this way by laughing at the sadder things
It's like we're cursed
We're always first to watch as our hopes hit the dirt
But we don't mind
We always find another guinea pig to fly
I'd like to think that I can't sink 'cause I hit bottom just last week

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