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Edu Falaschi - Billy Fetch Yer Gun lyrics

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Billy Fetch Yer Gun by Edu Falaschi

Billy Fetch Yer Gun
Billy grew up back in the swamp
Got all his learnin' from a cajun guru
Billy learned by the birds and the bees
There ain't nothin' nature can't teach you
The lawman came from south Louisiana
Threatened Billy with either jail or school
Billy grabbed himself a stick and hit him in the head
Nothin' swings better than the old bamboo
CH (back up always sing chorus)
Billy you're troubles just begun
Billy fetch yer gun
Well Billy left the lawman the gators' fed good
But soon there were other lawmen in the hood
Billy knew the swamp better than any other man
And he shot them all down like old tin cans
Well the gators got fat and Billy got mean
When the lawman made himself lord of everything
Billy lived by the law of the swamp
If you messed with a man you can take what you got
Billy thought shooting' law men was fun
Billy fetch your gun
Well it wasn't the end for Billy just yet
The lawman was hard and Billy shot all he could get
Tried to ambush them all down at their meetin' spot
But 35 was all Billy got
Billy left the world laughin' that day
Not the way he had planned
But he had something to say
He died with a note to his son in his hand
Billy Jr don't give in to the lawman
Billy Fetch Yer Gun
He'll rob you of your living
Rob you lf your fun
Billy Jr go and fetch yer gun
The lawman he is the tyrants son
Billy fetch yer gun
Moon69 Child Publishing & Records
Edward Ehli 2004
New Orleans, LA 70117

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