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Eatmewhileimhot! - The Two-Armed Man lyrics

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The Two-Armed Man by Eatmewhileimhot!

You were the fire in my eyes,
But I'm wanting to burn you out!
With a hit and a miss,
You know what I'm all about!
Whoaoaoa Whoaoaoa Whoaoaoaoa!
Staring you down,
I see the fear in your eyes!
I ain't scared of ya fist, or ya
Mothafreakin' lies!
You're not trying.
I swear, I'm trying.
Please stop trying,
My head.
Who are you kidding?
I know it's hard to say,
But it's the truth, 'cause
Everything you throw my way
Is the same 'cause
All I do is
Waste my time with you.
When all is said and done,
Will I be the one,
Who's left to float again?
Ooo, oooo, oooooooo,
Now I'm stuck here,
Wasting, wasting away.
Everybody says that you're on
Top of the world!
But I know the truth!
You're a six shot son of a gun,
And in your right hand is a one way ticket to Hell!
I was a friend of you.
You were a friend to me,
But I battle on.

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