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Early November - Empath lyrics

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Empath by Early November

Welcome to this place they call the human race
But I just can't keep up
This little planet in space, this ship of human grace
Has gone bottoms up
When we turn our eyes
(From the damage we see on the TV screen)
(We never lock eyes, never hear them scream)
Our passion compromised
We've traded feelings for fun
When we don't cry for no one
Tell me where have we come
When our compassion's out of fashion
Our sensitivity overcome
I feel so numb
'Cause we don't cry for no one
I see a picture of me stranded in the sea
Of shallow felicity
This cloak of unity that's being forced on me
Is a fallacy
When tears don't fall
(when we see the pain of another man's lack)
(walk right by and we never look back)
Our shame is on the wall
From conviction we run
'Cause we don't cry for no one
If I could see beyond my needs
I'd see a face that's crying for me
The Hand of Grace is on this place
But we're blind to The Son...
When we don't cry for no one
(When will tears fall down?)

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