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Drowning Pool - ...Such Cruelty Never Rests lyrics

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...Such Cruelty Never Rests by Drowning Pool

Old legends tell of a river winding like a serpent
Through dense and forgotten marshland
Leading to the ruins of a long dead civilisation
Pyramids aligned with the stars
Their shadows touching the river bed at dusk
Painted faces of the past haunt the chambers
The soil rich from centuries of sacrifice and torture
Vines and unearthed tree roots entangle the ruins
Creating their own passages and doorways
The whispers tell that such untouched mysticism and so much bloodshed stirs unnatural forces
Spiritual mercury drawing tormented souls and keeping the damned from the grave
... Such cruelty never rests
Calling to the blackhearted in their dreams
Visions of a plague, genocide and forbidden rituals
The subliminal path to this temple of the sun and moon embedded
So that once again the tongue of the old can hiss the incantations to unleash this ancient terror
As the sun rises piercing the water
I hear a name being called
A name I have only heard in my dreams yet I am lucid
Through the thickets of mist
I find myself blinded by the monolith
Bleeding the sun with it's apex and stirring the darkest of sense
An eerie beauty suffocated by tragedy and loss
Cries of putrefied innocence cause the ravens to take flight
The archaic hieroglyphs tell of untold horror
An evil of the ages bound in these stones
Forgotten by all to preserve life
Destined to be found to destroy life
... Such cruelty never rests

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