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Drowning Pool - Reminded lyrics

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Reminded by Drowning Pool

Down too long like I was
before and I've never thought
I'd see the day can't be wrong
'cause I know the score and
I guess there is no other way
Reminded of you (4)
There it is all in black and
white and it looks like that's
the way it goes Doesn't matter
if it's wrong or right 'cause
by now I'm sure that I know
Never felt so undecided(undecided)
everything I've ever had has
been taken away Little boy so
scared and frightened(scared and frightened) All of
the things that have happened
I'm sureley to blame
Accept your fate then you'll
be well but the truth is that
it never ends You can say
that you've been through hell
But you'll always lose
another friend Never felt so
unimportant everything I've
ever said has been taken in
vain little girl so scared
and frightened all of the
things that I do are still
subject to change

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