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Droge Pete - Juggernaut lyrics

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Juggernaut by Droge Pete

Jump inside or run for your life
A never felt shockwave, the swarm of the hive
Like clouds hide the sun
You are a victim of a proper confrontation and your picket fence world dyes grey
Thrown back, stricken down, perplexed you're lying prone
Ruts of ravage left on our way
It makes you say - wow! what's that?
Tornado - strong as a juggernaut
It grades you too - your place, your foundation
Won't let go - no hostage, we're breaking your
World in two - never sparing any piece of shit
We spread the thrill through countries and continents
Head crash addicted, the forehead ahead
Like clouds hide the sun
What comes next?
Never sparing any piece or anyone
It is up to you
Fuck off or rejoice
Never sparing anything or any part of your small life that makes me sick

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