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Drive Like Carson - When I'm Gone lyrics

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When I'm Gone by Drive Like Carson

It's my fault I should have never let my guard down
Overcome by the distraction of it all
Confident seemed to high to fall
This moment played out like a movie
Was I wrong for thinking that I was invisible
Assuming that the first few shots just weren't enough
All my senses shot to hell and in a minute I'll be gone
For thinking that I was invisible
Take it from me, one last look would be pushing my luck
So I stared...
Thought I was silent, must of telegraphed my movements
He didn't have much else to aim for, point blank range
Jump cut me to the next scene
Here is proof of regretting, there will not be a caught part two
I'll see it's true
I wish I was indifferent
Or hadn't caused a mess
The consequence in front of me
Will never see another day
If I did something different and
Hadn't caused a mess...

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