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Dr. Frank - This Isn't About You Anymore lyrics

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This Isn't About You Anymore by Dr. Frank

You were my life to some extent
My little world and all it meant
My only eyes to see it through
But what could I have seen in you?
This isn't about you anymore
You may have been what it was about before
But I gave it some thought
It turns out it's not
I think it's gonna help a lot
Now everything I went through with you
Doesn't have anything to do with you
Though your spirit lives on
In damage that you have done
There's a big fat hole in my heart
And you know that you played a part
But now I don't intend to make it a trend
It's not about you anymore
I imagine that somehow
Far away from here and now
Thoughts of you might ring some bells
When I'm sad for something else
This isn't about you anymore
I don't remember what you were in it for
Oh yes I do, you were just passing through
Unnecessary and untrue
Once it was fresh but now it's stale
This tedious and pathetic tale
Of regret and chagrin, you were the heroine
Now you're a footnote to somebody else's footnote
In a book no one ever wrote
I'll give you a hint: you're out of print
It's not about you anymore
And so my friend, I'm afraid we're going to have to let you go
That's right: you're fired
You're participation in this psychodrama is no longer required
Your legacy though will never fade
For all the contributions you have made
Wrecking my peace of mind was some of your finest work
Will you still be so proud of it
Now I've written you out of it
You once were the star, now I don't know what you are
But it's not about you anymore

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