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Dream Evil - Let Me Out lyrics

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Let Me Out by Dream Evil

I promised you my soul
I gave you full control
Now I changed my mind
I want to be free
He had something to sell
Still you
Did send him straight to Hell
You just made him burn
Nothing in return
Why don't you listen to me
Show me the door, give me the key
Unchain my soul
Please set me free
(Let me out)
Out of this prison
(Scream and shout)
Somebody listen to what I have to say, to free my mind
(Let me out)
I have a vision
(Scream and shout)
Impossible mission
To clear my soul, let go
And press rewind
And hate took over me
I live
My life in misery
Sold my soul too cheap
Please give it back
Find it
Before it is too late
Give me
The key to my escape
I am not the one
Please let me go
Once more I'm being blessed
My horrifying days have passed
Now I am free
To live my life
Now I'm back to where I started
Fresh as one can be
I am just as broken-hearted
As the man I used to be
Do I really want this weakness
Do I really want this pain
Want to live my life in success
So I sold my soul again...

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