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Dream - It was all a dream (intro) lyrics

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It was all a dream (intro) by Dream

Spoken: Ashely...Melissa...Diana...Holly...Dream..Bad Boy baby...Lets go
(verse 1)
Don't know what I gotta do,
to get through to you
you ain't tryin much too hard to get the message through
I know cause I feel the same
and its drivin' me insane
why do we have to play these games?
oh no
all: I wish that I could get the nerve up
walk right up to you and
ask you baby for your name (ask you baby for your name)
you look so inviting this seems so exciting
we should be together this was (we should be together this way)
So whats the deal?
This don't seem real,
this kind of thing only happens in my dreams
When boy meets girl, a perfect world
This sort of thing only happens in my dreams
(verse 2)
Top down baby cruisin' so
with friends that we both know
Its just a Friday night thing
and I am ready to go
Hit the club and the parties on
D.j. play your favorite song
its just the way that we live
so lets go
(prechorus 2)
baby and the way your movin'
ooh you've got me thinkin'
we should be together for days
and as the days go slower
ooh you pull me closer
can't believe he feels this way
oh oh oh yeah yeah oh uh-oh
This seems so real to me
but its a fantasy
baby why can't you see that baby
I need to know my dear
there is no time to kill
you better hurry before I leave
So tell me baby I really got to see
These kind of things only happen in my dreams 2x
(chorus) 2x (fades)

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