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Dreadlock Pussy - Bygones lyrics

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Bygones by Dreadlock Pussy

Would you look at that it's my former friend
Fancy meeting you here, what brings you to this end?
You want to meet me?
Oh, I see, I haven't been clear
Get the fuck out of my sight and don't show up here anymore
Let me be find someone else to dishevel
I'm not talking to you anymore, anytime
Ever so what if I hold a grudge, that's my good right
You only went as far as to destroy my fucking life
But o.k., alright, you might deserve another chance
I'll let bygones be bygones and there it ends
I know you sorry now, now no there's need be shed
So forget it all happen and do it again
( I let you)
I let you, I let you think you got off good
( I let you)
I let you, I let you think I understood
(I let you)
I let you, I let you think, you'll be fine
(I let you)
I let you, but one off these days
Your ass is
(MINE) To break neck
(MINE) To stomp on
(MINE) To get back
(MINE) To right the wrong [2x]
When it's demolition time, you're always first in line
With that sledgehammer ready to bring down what's mine
But guess what, I decided I'm not having any of this
As of now you're enemy, mine, so stick with it
And sit this one through
Like you're supposed to no denial, you're calling me a liar? FUCK YOU!
But I appreciate the show of regret
So I'll let it slide this time and we'll call that that
(You little rat)

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