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Doug Supernaw - 21 to 17 lyrics

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21 to 17 by Doug Supernaw

The game was tied at 7 all
she said lets take a walk
we found a place behind the stands
she said we need to talk
she went on and on bout this town being small
and how she needed other things
just about when they made 7 to 10
she gave me back my ring
cheers went up as she broke down
she said it isn't you
i think you know how i really feel
but theres things i need to do
she said sumthin about some school down south
where she was gonna go next fall
14 to 10 we were winning again
while i was losing it all
she looked at me with tear filled eyes
and said i hope you realize
that this was not the way that i had meant for it to end
suddenly the crowd broke through
yellin we've got spirit how bout you
and all that i could think to do
was simply join in
she said its best if we do this now
then it began to rain
i wasnt sure if i was shakin
from the cold or the pain
she turned away then she stopped to say
she really hoped i understood
i nodded my head as the loudspeaker said
the kick is up and its good
i waited till she walked back in
then turned my back into the wind
before i let the tears to fall with the rain
i made it back in time to see
Jason throw to Bobby Lee
and make homecoming history
with a 90 yard gain
Now theres a banner hanging down
from the stadium wall
remindin everybody of
the year we won it all
though i was at every game i swear
one remains a memory
it was 21 to 17
when time ran out on me
it was 21 to 17
when time ran out on me

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