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Do Or Die - Lil Ghetto Boy lyrics

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Lil Ghetto Boy by Do Or Die

i have this girl she'd do anything for me even if it meant takin a bullet for me she'd do it even though it puts her life in stake but she don't care cause if i'm dead she might as well be to she's in it for life just me and her all nite bed squeekin up and down we go listenin to the toons of my man i can't say his name though cause were keepin it on the dl but that's ok cause that's how we gonna roll pop them pills while sippin on some henn then goin to the club were we get on our pimp game roll the windows up, can't be seen, not w/ you her or even that man they call the king...he aint got nuttin on me cause i'll blast him w/ everything that i got in my trunk cause i'll do you dirty like that if u step up to me like you the man when we all know you aint nothing but a little geek but that's ok cause i'm done with these rhymes i know your all jealous enough cause ur game can't compare to mine so see ya l8tr your all smoked like that green thing that makes u see things...i'm out beotch!

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