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Doom - Monarchy Zoo lyrics

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Monarchy Zoo by Doom

Roll up, roll up, come and see
The end of monarchical tyranny
For those who visit, there'll be a fee
All the profit for the poor and needy
Their loyal servants can clean their cage
Keep them out of the media's gaze
Every day we have to read about you
Social parasites, stick 'em in a zoo!
Lock them up
Throw away the key
Put behind bars
For the tourist industry
Her royal highness won't last long
When all her royal powers have gone
The sign will say do not feed
For too long now she's wallowed in greed
Locked in a cell, six by four
Royal excrement covers the floor
Allowed out once a week
So people can torment the freak
Charles care about the way we live?
All he cares about is that we give
All our money to a "good cause"
He sits back and the media applaud
Playing polo with all the scum
To see him break his neck would be fun
Better to see him slowly decay
In a zoo would really make our day!
Die die die, you bulimic mess
And give us all a fucking rest!
Life must be so hard for you today
Wait 'till your freedom's taken away
All the royal scum in "Monarchy zoo"
Locked away from me and you
Never again will we have to see
Them flaunt their wealth on T.V!

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