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Don Johnson Big Band - Illyrical lyrics

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Illyrical by Don Johnson Big Band

I'm selectively illyrical, breaking the silence with a political
Message infiltrating, degrading the powers-to-be ridiculed
The power to be what? hypocritical
Empowered to connect the cynical, hysterical
A miracle the radical riots have not ignited
Heretical minds, signs of change being guided
I write it, decided, undivided, single minded
A polemical display of respect you can't fight it
Said the fire next time is now too late
Restless feet sweep the street asleep in '98
Elevate my mind state, find chance in fate
Segregate myself from the city I hate
And create a silent dream with satyrs and sirens
But drizzle, dripple, the rain breaks the silence
Mainlands and islands are crippled by violence
Of tyrants with guns, batons and sirens
Fascists in action, sick satisfaction
666 by addition and subtraction
A worldwide faction, transatlantic transaction
Overseas police brutality attraction
Objection, I present the prose-contra action
In your section, affection with the hip hop connection
Selection of refrains in their veins like a blood clot
Fatal like the plot to assasinate sadat
X, index gold rolex bold sex lex
Malcolm X funkmaster flex
Who's the next vexed perplexed victim of my text?
Annexed from the planet like tyrannosaurus rex
It's complex

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