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Don Covay - I stole some love lyrics

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I stole some love by Don Covay

I went to the auditorium one night
To see a show
And B. B. King was singin' the blues
And another good friend of mine
By the name of Bobby Bland
He was there, too
I met a woman
That told me
'Don, I'm free, single and dis-engaged'
But I found out she was married
And now it's six months too late.
Lord, I stole some love
But I didn't know
Children, I stole some love
Now, I gotta go back
An steal some more
And when you're stealin' love
Oh, how time just slip on right away
And I have so much love to give ya baby!
In the little time
That you have to stay
Lord, I stole some love
But I didn't know
I stole some love
And I never stole nothin'
In my life before
And when you borrow love
Seems like it's much sweeter
Lord, that way
And it makes me want ya, baby
But you got so little time
That you have to stay
Lord, each stolen moment
Makes me a bigger thief
But I'd rather be with you
Just a little while, baby
Then a life time of grief
I know that you're not gonna give up
What you got at home
And I don't want this thing to end
So I'll go on bein' just a stand in
Judge Speaks:
'Don, you just been found guilty
By Judge Cupid, for stealin' the love
Of another man'
Don spoken:
Lord, have mercy on my soul!
How much good lovin' have I stole?
Don sings:
I stole some love, ya'all
I didn't know, after I stole
I didn't know this
Lord, it was so good ya'all
Got to go back and steal
Just a little bit mo'
Lord, the woman's so sweet
I just can't stay away
Lord, you try to heal me
Oh, try to heal me
Lord, Lord.

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