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Dom Kennedy - The Last Episode lyrics

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The Last Episode by Dom Kennedy

It’s like one two three to the 4
Some day HBO will have my show
South central loves to be seen on cable
And you just talk while i been this state that is
Am better around like this you know
Sell 20 thousand but i live like i wouldn’t go
I wasn’t really made for the exicist
Damn you could at least say you love my sh*t
So i think it is time now i make my impression felt
And i ain’t even going to call for extra help
I’m just a man on a mission like Mike and Pilo
There’s no money in the world that can switch my motto
OP for life hosting in Colorado
Give it to me all night i will be in the studio tomorrow
I broke down six four i don’t want to borrow
I’m coming with the ace ragtop get your goggles
Versausi got scratched when niggers got in a squabble
But you not feeling serious with high winds and cobble no
You never been on a ride like this before
I always think the song was better you know
Now i think we more copacetic
When they start saying mine better don’t sweat it
Throw on the sew on i got more to throw on
I remember back in the days niggers use to
Actually put some roll on i had this feeling like I’m in heaven
That’s what we came up on yea and that make you a legend
Shout out to that nigger to eleven
He don’t got big rap songs
But he be out here and that’s a hard job for a nigger
Especially when fools getting shotted cause the sh*t you saying
Let us pray let us pray that’s what they say every single day in LA yea
So tell me when sh*t going to end since you made all that money
From that sh*t in the end
While the opposition has been prospering
Niggers been online gossiping i wish there was a way to hear Pac again
Damn i gotta see hip hop again even if they try throw rocks again
I got more songs for niggers you know what I’m saying yea
You know what I’m saying yea you know what I’m saying
The song went down when we hit slots in miles make me get out
On gas very often from Alcon to the car show I’m legit
I use to like tuning cars too until i quit
I had everything dipped wagon for my chick
Bike for my son i write his name on that sh*t
So as the chevrolet slide you know they don’t got gates at Beverly Hills Heights
But i love my slice of the American pie
With 95 cents will get you a bag of fries
15 packs of ketchup on the side
Squeeze them sh*ts squeeze them sh*ts
Why is it so hard for me to leave this sh*t
And why is it so hard for you to see this sh*t
So before you hit the cohiba no tobacco for me only the chiba
Tell them to use your finger baby in the meantime
You know those colors is green time
You couldn’t come straighter than this on the same line
Brothers do everything good like G Hinds
You know what I’m saying yea You know what I’m saying yea
You know what I’m saying yea

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