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Dom Kennedy - Stop Frontin lyrics

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Stop Frontin by Dom Kennedy

[Verse 1:]
All those time my name got brought up you
Act all marola i ordered the macabra
Squeeze drapes in the cheese cake
That’s a bad diet you know what i made
From the door i got is the floor i got
Took me all around the world and every show i got rocked
But i made sure that every girl i got popped
So you might not see her for a week though
I’m still playing with you part time
Your hard bloggers got alzheimer’s
Me i just went and bought more condoms
West side get the money we need 4 camos
You praying you got it me i did it
Stepped in get it i never left my credit
Obey your image sauteed spinach
We just got started it looks like ya’ll finished (And then we try)
The three crab cakes followed by the carlos and hash pay
Stick to me sidney your ass payed
You fronting on my screen like its real
I’m in my vans too she probably wearing heels
Your history ain’t deep enough for me
Sometimes i wonder if you beast enough for me
Sooner or later she going to start reaching out to me (Stop fronting)
Stop frontin we all know where you got this style from
Straight up uh stop frontin yea
Stop frontin we know where you got your style from
[Verse 2:]
Yea if i do a second verse it’s going to be crucial
For me to have a three some it got to be mutual
It’s not a lease playboy i got an release
Talking about freaks never seen with a piece
Got a sore throat why you want to kiss on me
Just go down like a sad song
Never seen an hour without a bag on
You know i don’t rap like dragon
I’m never going to put a mask on no
Broad day how i play in A3LNCA
Yea I’m going back to calli
Some things aren’t really how it is
I am what they admire yea
You on the west coast where you can find me
Where else you stop frontin stop frontin
You know you gotta stop frontin
Stop frontin nigger stop frontin
Where know where you got this style from yea

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