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Dolly - Livin’ A Lie lyrics

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Livin’ A Lie by Dolly

Spotlight’s on, it’s shining brightAnd I like standin’ in itIt’s only superficial lightBut I don’t want to end itIt’s warmth and glow has taken holdAnd I’m caught uup in it’s shineA cinderella fairy taleI want to claim as mineFancy clothes, a magic coachAnd happy ever afterLike something from a story bookThe cinderella chapterBut when the clock strikes midnightAnd I lie awake in bedThings my daddy told meKeep running through my headYou gotta walk the straight and narrowAnd to thine own self be trueGotta aim straight as an arrowAll eyes are up on youBut sometimes it feels so goodThat I can almost justifyLivin’ a lie -- livin’ a lieLivin’ a lie -- livin’ a lieIs it wrong for me to wantThe sweeter grass that’s greener? To chase the all-american dreamI’ve always been a dreamerAt the top and still I’ve gotA heavy heart insideI keep rememberingThings my daddy told me as a childYou gotta walk the striaght and narrowGotta hold fast to the rightGotta aim straight as an arrowWalk onward toward the lightOh, but when I’m out there in itI think I might get byLivin’ a lie -- livin’ a lieBut I don’t feel right livin’ a lieLivin’ a lie -- livin’ a lieAll the fame and fortuneGlory and prestigeCan’t make me happy if it goesAgainst what I believeAnd I’ve sacrificed my honorMy values and my prideLivin’ a lie -- livin’ a lieLivin’ a lie -- livin’ a lieLivin’ a lie -- livin’ a lieLivin’ a lieLie, lie, lie, lie, lie, lie, lie, I don’t feel right

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