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Dolly - Fish Out Of Water lyrics

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Fish Out Of Water by Dolly

I feel so out of place hereWith this high societyThese high fallutin’ peopleDon’t know what to make of meI feel like a minnow in a sea of moby dicksA small fry in a big panThey’re caviar -- I’m fish sticksFish out of waterI know I don’t belongFish out of waterEverything I do is wrongMy style of hair, the clothes I wearThe way I speak, the things I eatThe way I act, my lack of tactNothin’ seems to fitFish out of waterFlounderin’ roundOut of my elementBut I’m just as good as they areWhy do I feel second rateIt’s like, sorry charlie,We want only tuna with good tasteI guess you could say wal-martIs quite a way from gucci’sI’m timex, they’re rolexI’m captain d’s, they’re sushiFish out of waterI’ve had it to the gillsFish out of waterWith these yuppie-guppie frillsYeah, I’m a square in a round holeA catfish in a goldfish bowlA little fish with lots of soulOut of my elementFish out of waterFlounderin’ round just for the halibutSave me, save meS.o.s. somebodySave me, save meSomebody rescue meFish out of waterSomebody throw me inFish out of waterOn a scale of one to tenI’m a two, perhaps a threeCompared to the big fish in the seaI’m washed ashore so save me pleaseI’m in an awful fixFish out of waterRescue meAnd you better do it quickFish out of waterIt’s such a culture shockFish out of waterMy stomach’s tied in knotsFish out of waterFish out of water

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