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DJ Maj - Never Heard Before lyrics

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Never Heard Before by DJ Maj

It's the return of the dillusional LAS crew
We say what we live and we live what we spew
We rock thrifty but we act brand new
Makin the party people say ooooewh
If you're ugly put your hands up in the sky
Sometimes I'm so beautiful put my hands high
Slowly become a rap legend that will not die
To hear the subconcious message you must press rewind
Light shine from behind is it cops or a visitation?
Can it be aliens, martians, or creator of creations
Am I dreamin? I know I haven't been free basin'
I do no drugs a fine example for the youth of a nation
You can't even understand how we all fit in a van
As we travel the land and make under a grand
But it's the music it's the love it's the joy of the fans
That keeps us sane in the name of a devine plan
It goes one two three and to the four
L.A. Symphony is here knocking at your door
You're now hearing something that you never heard before
If you're ready then say - HO!
It's sharlok p. in the place to be
Live wire on fire yes you know me
Breathe easy no need to go and get weezy
All that huffin and puffin makes your flow sound sleezy
Party people don't stop flynn adam bout to drop
A double l.p. on def jam or uprok
Forget what's been lost just stick to what you've got
Flip it bounce it and make it real hot
We don't got a deal but we so conceited
We still make it real cuz we know that you need it
Ladies-do your own thing go ahead lead it
Fellas-turn it out like you just stampede it
What's in a name Los Angeles the place that's stained
A symphony of individuals that came
To change this game and bring fame and reign
And represent together for the God we claim
It's as easy as 1, 2, 3, for us
L.A. symphony baby rock the bus
Put your hands up wave em in the atmosphere
Move your body to the groove that each ear hears
Chorus x2
Okay once upon a time not long ago
Was born a flow full of ego and original
Tactics wherever we go bound to blow
The fact is LAS crew conquer the globe
He yo what's the scenario? did a show at harry o's
Put it on the internet it downloaded very slow
Had some highs and very lows an album that's very old
To the contrary though LAS is very dope
We pillage cities keep it gritty doin ditties
For my man dj mijjy ain't it a pity
That the crew that keeps you giddy is way more than ready
To buy the new benzy and trade in a chevy
Put up or shut up
Sit down and stand up I don't care if you're tired
Put your hands up
You can't touch what your eyes can't see
That's me sharlok p. the grand total emcee

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