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Dj Flex - What You Expected (Instrumental) (feat. Guru & DJ Premier) lyrics

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What You Expected (Instrumental) (feat. Guru & DJ Premier) by Dj Flex

Featuring GangStarr]
Yeah from New York to Japan my plan will slam.
Holding my own up in this piece.
DJ Premier and of coarse DJ Honda.
Jazzy Jay in the house. Check it out.
It's goin' on right here internation type vibe
check the moves kid.
I came to get the doe what you expected
I came to mack the hoes what you expected
I came to strickly flow what you expected
Look out I'm about to blow hit the exit
Verse 1:
Next in command it's the 5 foot 8 and three quarter warrior
Take a stoll down my corridor
I can effortestly instantly burn MC's into effergy it's treatchery
Cause my skills have developed I envelope situations that I'm facin'
Each lacin' and I'm chasin' those the suppose
That their game wasn't so fat
Yeah right punk you know that
Forget the media labels
Cause most of the ducks are fucked up and unstable
Scared of the black stuff but I like to act up
And get real ill cause I'm too hot to chill
scratching "what you expected"
Verse 2:
Pussy step back fake jake I don't get down like that
I kick the facts then I sit and I mack
With a sound like that you a 1000 wack
Get a think link try to hang
And bang now your head swings cause my intellect is universal
For me to do or die with no rehearsal
One verse will
Take you outta
The weak format and bitch MC's can take a powder
Still you scower and skin your grill up
But you'll be a casuality that got filled up
With my ammo cause I slam your ass to the concrete
You got defeated punk
scratching "what you expected"
Came to collect my loot what you expected
I like the girl that's cute what you expected
Givin' MC's the boot what you expected
I do my duty what you expected
scratching "what you expected"
Verse 3:
Five albums deep into this rap game
I slap lame cause straiight is my aim as I state my claim
As the Bald Head Pimpsta here to administer
Sinister attacks apon those who lack
Thee abilty to finesse the beat vocal techniques
I slam like Dominque
And you know my rhymes are punishin' like torture to your structure
Brain cells rupture what you expected
Scartching "what you expected"

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