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Dj Flex - Dats My Word (Feat. Redman) lyrics

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Dats My Word (Feat. Redman) by Dj Flex

Featuring Redman]
Def Squad. Comin' to you with the ultimate and the real.
Straight outta the NJ.
Representin' the real deal yo kickin' your ass.
Scratching "Dat's my word" Word up
Verse 1:
Well it's the soup troop higher than parachutes
I get wick like Jimi Hendrix off the avenue
Blow your Yamahas watch me harmanize hummmm
Represent the 0 7 1 0 3 to the 1 dudes
Hand your guns loose rock from morn light to dawn too
Break the walls fo China with steel vaginas
Great balls of fire I don't need no equalizer
To turn my voice low or higher like Maria
Godzilla killa iller illiotic psychogaloptic runnin' for office
Look at all these little Japan people
that are squashin' with the funk, helicopters come
So I puff, the funk diversifies from the lye
Swines turn to popters into fried shrimp rice
But it's no prob I'm just here to do my job
And burn all you niggas third degree
Dat's my word
Word up in the place to be
Smoking motherfuckers in the industry (x4)
Verse 2:
I blow the frame with I'm acting deranged
Strange like Cameo on Soul Train with gold frames
The 18th letter who's brain is wetter then mine?
I destroy MC's of all kinds
I represent no question confidentaly
my mysteries are solved for Agatha Christie
Death sponge my lyrical format as it crush
116th and Park got the hush
What you gonna do when they come for you voodu
Rollin' like Stones on tour puttin' metaphors in pause
Redman's the shit with my lyrical tech
ya swear that Godzilla and Gamera just met on your set
Check I'm hyperactive with vocab collects
Exorist style twisting your cap back perhaps
You can try some new nouns and verbs in your raps
Like dat but you're still wack
Dat's my word
Verse 3:
I can set it off for my people in the front in the back
Milky like Simalac you can ask
DJ Honda if my ganja style come from under
One hit feel the thunder from this hunter
Jump up while I House your Pain with the posion rock rivers to lakes
Resivors in the ocean I be coastin'
5 seconds fatality lies the record
Down left left punch
Scoopin' y'all nigga like jacks up in the bunch
Turn into a dragon bite your bodies in half in one crunch
And I can do that in my raps too
Tattoo leave permanent marks but I spark like gats do
Any you could of died when I'm through with you
This body be for you, say peace to your crew
Dat's my word

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