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Dixie Chicks - I Loved The Way I Loved You lyrics

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I Loved The Way I Loved You by Dixie Chicks

I wish there was a way that you could only see
what you could've had, could've had with me
but instead of telling you how I felt
I kept it all inside and now this what I have delt
I loved how when you smiled and your dimples would show
I loved how you would stare and no one knowed
I loved the way we danced that one night
I loved the way you held me so tight
I swear I loved everything you see
The only thing I hated was how you didnt love me
I loved how it used to be just us two
I loved the way I used to love you
And now it is too late to tell you, cause now you've got her
And now it is too late to ask you, to ask you to be with me
and now it is truly over, as over as it can be
Cause now it hurts me inside when you are holding her hand
I mean I just don't get it! I don't understand
and when you hold her tight I just wanna die
I can't look at you guys it makes me wanna cry
and you'll never know that
And every time I see you together I just wish it were us
and every time I wish I told you, I throw a big fuss
and then I brake down in tears
and fall asleep with all my fears
and it drives me crazy how I wish that you knew that
and now I still burn up with jealousy when I see you side by side
and now I still wanna hold you it's a feeling I can't hide
and now it still drives me crazy when I look up and see you two
and now I still kinda think that I am still in love with you
I loved the way I loved youuuu

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