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Dirty Mike - Waterfall lyrics

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Waterfall by Dirty Mike

Dirty Mike!
This one goes out to everyone who worked on the album
Friends; family; Mr. maxima
Love you man... let's go
Get faded; Get high,
f**k her in the jacuzzi.
Them f**kin b**ches is crystal,
I never cared about cooties.
b**ch.. Shut up..
Get on your knees and suck.
What's that you have a boyfriend?
You think I give a f**k?
When I die, don't cry;
Celebrate that sh*t.
Imma mend it to the world,
With the crimes I commit.
I've been f**kin the system
Since I was a kid
Drinkin straight liquor
From my mamas tits.
Every time I'm in the club,
You know I make it rain.
First I pop some pussy
Then I Pop champagne
I f**ked every b**ch-
From here to China
I'm not gonna lie
That's a lot of vagina
Goin up in my ride
With your girl by my side
She's got big titties:
So I give her a try
We f**ked all day
And we f**ked all night,
But you can have her back
Cuz she's no longer tight.
The girls love my style
And my rhymes are dope
I got more goals
Than the motherf**kin pope.
I stole you're b**ch
Let your balls flew
Welcome to my kitchen
We're making pussy too.
Ham up in this club
f**kin all of these bitties
Your girl hit me up
She wants to show me her titties.
I give her hickey
I drink till I'm dizzy
She sucked on my dick
And now her tits are all sticky
When I was a kid
Told mom I won't play with fire
Now I'm rappin these verses
And she calls me a liar
f**ked your b**ch last night
Now her pussy is tired
I f**ked my bosses daughter
Safe to say I got fired
When I was a kid
I got coal in my stocking
Shot Santa in his fat ass
And now he done walking
I had this b**ch
She was a bunny
I put it in her ass
Now she's hopin round funny
If you threaten me
I'll put your body in a ditch
Then I'll f**k your mom
Let you know she's my b**ch
You know her titties big
And you know her as fat
Hit it from behind
Until I make her ass clap
Get the f**k out
Don't mess with my gang
We love gettin faded
And f**kin putang
Back at the crib
We'll have a gang bang
I once f**ked an Asian chick
Her name was Ching Chang
Bendin over flexed
With a big booty buck
When you suck my dick
Make sure you lick the nuts
Pocket full of gold
And my raps are ill
All the b**ches wanna f**k me
Even the milk
I'm in love with booty
I'm in love with the coco
Snort it off her ass
And I just go loco
My dick is long
And my stacks are tall
Put it in her pussy
Turn it into a waterfall

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