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Digable Planets - Dial 7 lyrics

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Dial 7 by Digable Planets

Hey (x4)
We are the creamy spies
The cream always rises up
We all got sequel
The Man's game has peaked
We are sun moon and star
We all got pieces
It's nation tarnation time
Ready to put in work
We got mad peoples
Your double dealin' is scoped
Your tongue is forked we know
We ghetto level
We can make life better
Not divided
Universal ori-gi-nal, creamy
The man ain't shit
What's happenin'
Check it out
In the year of '89 I stole back my black mind
Found peace up in the east I shine
One time blind I refined, then over time
I realized the creamy spy gots to climb
Find the spot in this land of uncle sam
Focus my thoughts and be that true black man that I am
I stand in the face of oppression
With my sisters and my brothers no slippin' no half steppin'
The five percent nation is my representation
I wear Timberlands study in Timbuktu
Won't rest until they free our brother Mumia-Abu
Now can you feel it (huh) nothing can save ya
For this is the season of our self saviour
(?) is younger than guerillas
Sparks the revolution black tactics, whatever
We see what's happenin'
We might start bustin'
We'll spell it out for you
If you talk it live it
Let's get creamy
Really creamy
With pleasure
I cannot answer for my damages due to layin soul type sentences
I prepare time for and sisters fought passage in the tactic front style
Warfare for the projects
I live
A series of niggas atop a target
Watch out with preset we swift to light strike
In an aerial form we closin'
Select territorial aim let's be out
On an onslaught
We plague you
Cannot get took
Even for the suckers we light up it's good lookin'
Out even could get takin out I die fightin'
Subtract the devils that get smoked
Heeeeeey, funkay (x4)
We're people, black people
Steal your mind back
Don't die in their wilderness
Fuck that
For CMB dogs in L.A.
New York project hallways
Let's point our heaters the other way
Just like that, a C-Know is the sun of all man
Type good, be a real fighter super fro
Bust it
The beast may wanna war in the summer
Thus, I brought my camouflage playin' corners
(?) why they pimp hip hop
I strategize my joints you know it don't stop
And it don't pop son it's p'jects bound together
The beats in concrete when I'm creamin' with my stiletto
Got 16 for the imperial fascists
Long beach brothers and honeys we's bouts to set it
Domino theory cause they stalled our flow
Collectin' pitchforks 'till they free Geronimo
While you blaze up I stay my fist raised up
While you bet, I represent
Uptown downtown across like wherever
Meet me in the Crook and we could piece it all together
Hey super funky
Super black and superb
Hey super super fine
Hey super funky

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