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Dierks Bentley lyrics

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Lyrics for album: New Songs

Lyrics for album: Home (2012)

Lyrics for album: Up On The Ridge (2010)

Lyrics for album: Feel That Fire (2009)

Lyrics for album: Feel The Fire (2009)

Lyrics for album: Greatest Hits / Every Mile A Memory 2003-2008 (2008)

Lyrics for album: Long Trip Alone (2006)

Lyrics for album: Modern Day Drifter (2005)

...Das Erwachen Der Nacht
...Wo Anmut Wacht
A Mourner's Dream
Beyond Sensual
Bitter Winter Waft (Instrumental)
Cab of my truck
Chanting Evil
Come a little closer
Das Geleit
Das Tor / Des Dunklen Schein
Der Fluch Der Seele
Der Schwur (Instrumental)
Der Schwur (Part Ii) (Instrumental)
Der Schwur (Part Iii) (Instrumental)
Der Wachter
Dethrone The Weak Mortality
Domestic, light and cold
Down on easy street
Epidermal Macabre
Filius Tenebrae
Gentle Eclipse
Gonna Get There Someday
Gonne get there someday
Good man like me
Good things happen
In Porous Verve (Instrumental)
Infested Night
Intro (Instrumental)
Is Not Just The Flames
King Of Tempests
Loco Dolenti
Lot of leavin' left to do
Lot Of Leaving Left To Do
Mistery Lover
Modern day drifter
Of Prophecies To Come (Instrumental)
Parallel Universe (Part I)
Parallel Universe (Part Ii) (Instrumental)
Rausch Der Macht
Scorned Heroine
Sculpted In Stone
Sculpture Of Stone
Settle for a slowdown
Shadow Finder
She Won't Choose Me
She Won't Choose Me (Acoustic-Bonus Track)
Sirius B
So so long
The Art Of An Endless Creation
The Beggining Of Sin
The Hunger
The Last Breath
The Last Of Storms
The Nameless City
The Oceans Of Filth
The Plague
The Truth
Through Weird Woods
Til Your Eyes Turn Black
Unrevealed By Words

Lyrics for album: Dierks Bentley (2003)

Lyrics for album: Don't Leave Me In Love (2001)

Lyrics for album: Other Songs

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