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Devin The Dude - To Each His Own lyrics

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To Each His Own by Devin The Dude

Sloppily they copied me
But obviously it ain't done properly
Maybe they just think it's over with, but ain't no stoppin' me
They've been takin', fakin', makin' a mockery
Whoever thought that hip-hop would be
Full of niggas braggin', actin' like they hit the lottery?
But it's about to be a robbery; they gettin' nuttin' on they back end
After sodomy, thinkin' they gonna be the next prodigy
At the end of the game, they receive a window pane and a pot to pee
Sometimes I gotta pinch myself to prove it's not a dream
How I'm survivin' in this non-thriving economy
Wishin' steak what was on my plate, but for now it's ham hock and beans
Niggas with the money, they spend it on expensive Prada jeans
But f**k it, to me it's not a thing
To each his own, know'm talmbout?
You gotta watch it 'cause a lot of niggas plot and scheme
They'll catch ya slippin' quick, a bada-boom, bada-bing
And they'll getcha for a lot of things
So watch your necklace, watch your bracelet, watch your watch and rings
These streets are full of tea, so ain't no need to lie to me
Big mouth cut creator, rock the beat
And you know you can't stop a freak, let her pop her P
You might not like pussy, but don't be watchin' me
It's gotta be monopoly
They want your hips, lips, whips, chip, dip, no apostrophe
Kingpins, you and your friends, y'all try to be
You're sellin' weight, you must be great at playin' hide 'n seek
You try to slang, lawman jumps out the tree
Grab your rocks and flee before you have to cop a plea
That's not for me, I keep my nose, ears and eyes clean
But to each his own, know'm talmbout?

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