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Devil Doll - Tortured lyrics

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Tortured by Devil Doll

I fell to the floor and now I'm lying,
I told everyone I'd stopped crying over you,
Looking for some light on a broken lonely day,
Praying I could turn back time
But not knowing what I'd say.
Well I'm tortured in a way,
I'll never see the sun today.
Well I feel your eyes now they're shining.
I never count on all I miss,
Or ever dreamt that it would come to an end like this
I'm tortured that way.
I fall asleep and dream of waking
To a place where you never went away,
I'm looking for some hope on a dark and cloudy day,
And knowing the things I'd change
But not knowing what I'd say.
And now I'm on my own,
Must I always be alone?
I'm watching the sky, night is falling
On another day where I can't change a thing.
Will tomorrow bring a time where I can see the sun?
Will there be another or are you the only one?

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