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Devil Doll - Man In Black lyrics

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Man In Black by Devil Doll

Babe I know ya sold your soul hanging on the edge of rock n' roll
And all you ever wanted was to find your way home
So when you look into my eyes does it really come as a surprise
That you now know that you are not alone
Cause you can't stand to stare into the sun
Cause I am your only one
And the fun has just begun
Step up or you will have to stand in line
If you forfeit your time with me oh baby
Babe I know ya sold your soul
And I hope you get it back from so and so
But I am afraid he wants me to take your place
Cause I have been to the other side
And I barely made it out alive
I'd kill for you but stay out of my way
You be my man in black
I 'll be your angel in white
With your hand full of shadows
And my fists full of light
You grab your guns
I'll grab the sun
And we'll both take them out one by one
And I won't stop kissing you until were done

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