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Derek Webb - The 10 Commandments lyrics

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The 10 Commandments by Derek Webb

Bloody cross a morbid past
The future looks just like the last
Holy plague, homophobic
Shaping youth so prejudistic
Rules are broken and bent
One look then you hear my name
A goatlike creation growls your way
You predict what is in store
Unbelief a life in hell
You play god based on the words
>From a book embalmed in war
History repeats itself
No crown of thorns around a head
Could ever alternate my inner self
One look then I hear his name
Jesus Christ you died in vain
Nothing holy in my life
I'd rather burn and die tonight
Cause history is ignored inside out and behind
f**k your kind forever
I am not your average fool
Blinded by your holy garbage
I see through your cross and lies
And will outlive your religious carnage
One look but not a word
I am not your friend
When you die and turn to dust
I will p**s on your grave
And laugh at your rotten face
The ten commandments

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