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Demonic Tombstones - Every monday and wednesday lyrics

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Every monday and wednesday by Demonic Tombstones

When it's vacation
I want it to end because
I will forget your
Pretty face
You may not be the most
Beautiful girl
To other guys
But to me
I think you have a
Great personality
And your voice
Makes me feel
Like I'm in heaven
Every monday
(and wednesday)
At exactly
I see your face
I talk to you
Support you
And I loovveee yyooouuuuu
At 3:30
We are in the same play
We live in the same city
We take the same bus
And I have been friends with
For a long time
Please take my hand
I am not a handsome man
But I want to be with you
What the hell
To second chances
Every monday
(and wednesday)
At 3:30

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