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Demetri Yates - Still Control lyrics

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Still Control by Demetri Yates

Yea u kno, I still control (4x)
Catch me sum wher shinin,
White n blue diamonds,
Sum'n like a dolphin
Wat can I say, I'm ballin!
(Verse 1)
As I walk 2 v.I.p
Dem hoes like (he icy)
Besides dat hataz iz all dat I c
Ready 2 run dat mouth, dey don't like me,
I dnt care, get dey gurl 2 cum wipe me,
Down, now watch dem frown,
Datz da way it b cuz I have da crown,
I run da town, deze VA streets,
Yall agaist my feet,
Under my seet
Now do u feel da heat,
Cuz I'm warmin up,
Money keep stormin up,
Ya'll hoes thirsty,
Now watch a nigga throw it up,
(Throw it up)
(2nd verse)
Stop, naw imma keep rappin,
Yall hataz aint sayin nun so I'm just laughin,
Ha ha ha, cud dat laugh b real,
Naw so let me b clear,
Nigga beware,
Of a yung n talented,
Yall keep challengin,
As da time tics,
How many passengers I done kicked,
Out my car, I'm da driva,
Ya hoes my ryda,
And she rides it real gud,
Music she listnin 2, sounds real gud,
Djy, he still gud,
Djy, he still control,
Boss cd, millions sold.
Verse 3)
1 fa da money,
2 fa da show,
Now clap ya hands if u gotta bankroll,
So far, nobody's clappin,
Except me, so once again I'm laughin,
Ha ha ha, ha ha ha,
Translate: I'm hot yall not (ha)
So sing wit me as da beat drop,
Who da boss (u da boss) 3x
Who so fly (DJY) 3x

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