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DeJ Loaf - Bird Call lyrics

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Bird Call by DeJ Loaf

Its that bird call
All these haters got my nerves back
Feeling like I cant be touched
Drinkinas a chaser
I got to get this paper for my unborn creation
Just promise you gonna live it up
We aint worried about haters
I promise
They gonna give it up
And now we gonna take it
He got a dick this long
I think hes Jamaican
These niggaz talkin like theyre killers
I call them pretenders
Im getting money with my niggaz
Aint got an album in 2 years
They can bury me alive
Im about to this coffin
Let me find out that youre hatin
And Imma f**k it
Put a hammer to your head
Got some sh*t that is shocking
Put the plug in your ass
Let the battery charge
Turn the plug on you Shorty
You need a battery charge
I wasnt good taking orders
But I promise with this music
Ill be feeling the morrow
I swear she would have been the beast
Im just for you
I was down on my neck
I had to us all my sources
No magazine spreads
Couple of funeral services
Its time to clean the hood up
The community service
We aint tippin no dancers
You b**ches be worthless
So we pull up to the club
b**ches steady with their shots
Theyre confusing their words
Im a do with this sh*t
I poop and scoop this terms
You got served
I be getting money
Nicky says Im holdin back
Theyre sleepin on me tough than that
I know what these pussies at
All I know is keep it real
All I know is keep the facts
All I know is lets get on
It might be no turning back
All I know is turn it up
Dont know how to give a check
I know its my time now
I dont think they know yet
Think about it
Let it sit
Yeah ,b**ch remember that
Old flames quality
Theyre tryin to refill that
But they know I aint buyin my money
They know I aint into that
And Twitter sh*t
I aint with the Internet
Log off ,I aint with the chat
I cant wait to make a million
Im a million dollar crazy
Were talkin crazy
Cause the hustles so lazy
Im like little brother
f**k where theyre tryin to take us

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