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Deirdre Flint - New shoes lyrics

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New shoes by Deirdre Flint

When the thought of any good love
Seems as far off as the sun
And friends are cold and distant
Over some stupid thing I've done
I used to wax and wallow
In the throes of misery
Now I simply just haul myself down to the mall
And buy a pair of therapy.
New shoes, new shoes
Oh life seems so much better
In some brand new patent leather
Guaranteed to shine away your blues
Even on credit, I never regret it
I just adore new shoes.
Now some women cheer themselves
With a brand new slinky dress
Well, I've gained three sizes since I've been in college
That would just serve to depress
But get me to an Agnier,
Even a Payless will do in a pinch,
I don't like to brag but my feet are quite slim
They have not gained an inch.
New shoes, new shoes
A brand new set of pumps
Can get me out of the dumps
I get to dye them any color I choose
A couple of sling backs and I get my zing back
I just adore new shoes.
My love life is over I just go buy some loafers!
Gosh it sure feels good
To put a deposit in my foot ware closet
lmelda Marcos was just misunderstood
New shoes, new shoes
Oh problems seem much smaller
When you're four inches taller
You can rise about them low-down blues
The higher the heel, the better I feel
I just adore new shoes.

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